So, there's not very much to see here, to be honest. Sorry to disappoint you if you were after something more interesting. Let's face it... sometimes a girl has better things to do than build elaborate websites.

I'm an artist, educator and digital producer based in Canterbury, UK. If you're interested in my more professional side [1], I maintain a profile at LinkedIn with details of my CV.

Recently, I have

Last time I updated this page, I had recently worked on Misfits for e4, a treasurehunt for the band MUSE. That must have been around 2010, meaning this page gets updated about once a decade. I did some award-winning stuff in the meantime.

I ocassionally deliver talks and workshops; I'm proudest of the talk I gave at Interesting 2016 on social media and dementia. I've also spoken about how to survive a zombie apocalypse by instrumentalising the WI, the cultural history of the vacuum cleaner at Interesting 2008, and on 'Rembrandt, Pr0n and robot monkeys: lessons from the present about flesh and technology' at OpenTech 2008. I think that one mostly confused the Unix users. At some point I'll put up my slides, honest.

If you're determined to stalk me online (and it's really not that hard to do, you know) you might want to :-

Go on. You know you want to.

Need to get in touch with me? Try my firstname at (this domain name).com.

* it involves just as much swearing as my unprofessional side, and I should probably work on that.